So excited to have you join for our First Ever Waffle Church!!! Waffle Church is an interactive and participatory worship service for ages from 0-120. Every service will center around communion which will be extended to sharing a meal, and that meal will be, you guessed it, WAFFLES! 

This Sunday we will explore rituals through the story of the crossing of Jordan by the Israelites. We will play with water, stones and set some new rituals as we immerse ourselves in the Bible story, sing songs, play instruments, share in communion and eat waffles. All moments of worship are call and response so all can engage not matter their age! Our waffles for this Sunday will be Sweet: Belgian Waffles w/ fruit, chocolate rocks, and whipped cream; Savory: Falafel Waffles, Tzatziki Suace and Greek Salad.

Come at 4:30pm for w
ater, coffee, juice and to help us finish setting up/ familiarize yourself with the space. Worship begins at 5 PM. We will finish around 6:30pm (that includes our time having waffles!)

For additional questions, contact Hannah Day Donoghue at
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